Sebugwawo Drive – Entebbe


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DAS Handling Ltd has its own infrastructure at Entebbe International Airport that includes an outstanding cold-storage facility with a capacity to handle up to 1,000 tons of perishable goods at client's desired temperatures. The facility is operated by highly qualified staff and provides employment for over 50 workers.

DAS’ Passenger Services team provides check-in, escort and pre-flight editing services and handles over 126,000 passengers per annum at Entebbe International Airport.

Our Mechanical Workshop at Sebugwawo Drive is the biggest at Entebbe International Airport, providing in-house maintenance and technical support covering engine overhaul, electrical wiring, hydraulic testing, welding, panel beating, body spraying e.t.c.

DAS is an IATA Authorized Training School providing courses for all DGR classes in addition to Aviation Safety Awareness and Basic Aviation Security for internal staff and available for candidates wishing to pursue a career in the aviation industry.

We have also partnered with other key players like Kenya Airways Pride Training Centre to offer a wide range of courses.

Our training materials are designed using modern training techniques with a combination of classroom and on the job training offering students a real world aviation industry experience resulting in a highly competent workforce at DAS.

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Enjoy our exclusive Fast Track Service making your Airport experience effortless.

2,500 square meters of Office space 200 meters from the airport.

Warehouse facilities at less than 200 meters from the airport.

Long term cold-storage facilities at less than 200 meters from Entebbe International Airport.

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